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At Lowerplace, we are working together to reduce our sugar intake and to stay fit and healthy.

We are doing this by:

Operating a Fruit Caravan

Year 6 children from Mrs McGreevy’s English class and staff teamed up to start up their own business; a healthy school tuck shop with all proceeds going towards exciting outdoor activities for the school.

The children have worked hard to source stock from Morrisons (which donated the first order), work out pricing and a business plan and advertise the launch in a whole school assembly.

“It was all hands on deck to make this a success: Mr Hanes, the Lowerplace site manager, led building of the wooden ‘fruit caravan’, and Claire in the wonderful kitchen helped the children to prepare fruit. Morrisons cut the ribbon to declare the shop open.

“Business has been booming since the launch and all classes are ditching their usual snacks for a nutritious option from the tuck shop.”


Serving nutritious School Meals

Fresh Kitchen places a strong emphasis on serving delicious, good quality, nutritious meals cooked from fresh ingredients. Produced on site by our own trained staff, all food and meal choices served meet the Government’s guidelines for school meals. We are committed in reducing the level of saturated fat, sugar and salt in our food and to improve the health and wellbeing of the children in our Borough.

Each day we serve a selection of freshly cooked dishes using quality ingredients and source local products wherever possible. A vegetarian option will always be on offer. Vegetables and salad are available to accompany the meal along with fresh bread.

The dessert choice will always include a fruit choice , resulting in your child being able to have up to three of the five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables each day. A drink choice including water, milk or fruit juice (on selected days) will be on offer. Our menus work on a four weekly cycle so your child will always have a lot of variety.


Adopting a Dentist and Tooth Brushing

Bernie from Kirkholt Dental Centre comes in each term to provide checkups and fluoride paint to our children.  In September 2018, we will be launching our tooth-brushing scheme where the children will brush their teeth after lunch each day as they learn helpful tips about how to keep their teeth healthy.


Golden Grin

We have ‘Healthy School Status’ and we now have the Golden Grin award.  A big change for us is that we will not celebrate birthdays by bringing in cakes and sweets.  Instead, we will bring in healthy snacks or simply celebrate our birthday by playing special games at lunchtime, whilst being treated like a VIP by our friends!


Mile A Day

Each lunchtime, all of our children walk a mile to learn the importance of staying fit and healthy.  “It’s a great chance to exercise and talk to our friends!”

Couch to 2K

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In Year 6, as part of our science unit, we have been investigating the positive effects of exercise and diet on both body and mind. In order to make the learning meaningful, all Year 6 classes have decided to:

  • monitor food choices and attempt to eat at least five fruit and vegetables a day
  • develop fitness through a basic running programme where we build up stamina over the course of this half term.

This will not only tie in with the PE curriculum, but also PSHE lessons where children will consider their moods and emotional wellbeing after sustained exercise and healthy eating.  Our Year 6 children are already promoting healthy eating throughout Key Stage 2 by running the school fruit caravan at break times.  We would greatly appreciate your support with our project, for example, if you and your child want to contribute a nutritious recipe that you have made at home, we will send it home for other families to try.

The INEOS link takes you to a copy of the basic running programme that the school will follow, which aims to have individuals running 2km after 6 weeks. This is just a guideline document – all elements of the training programme will be conducted within school time and on the school grounds.

We will update you at the end of the half term after the children have assessed their progress.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Year 6 Team.


Ms McGreevy, Mr Couldridge, Mr Lowe and Ms Carr

Year 6 Team

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