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Headteacher Mr G E Johnson

Deputy Headteacher Mrs S Lawton

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs H Butterworth

Mr C Lowe


Administrative Staff
School Business Manager: Mrs L Richards

Admin Assistants: Mrs R Begum, Mrs A Parker, Mrs E Sale

Foundation Stage Classes
Class Teacher: Mrs N Jenkins

Teaching Assistant: Miss T Faulkner and Mrs R Khamisa

Class Teacher: Miss L Taylor

Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Ahkter and Mrs C Borkin


Class Teacher: Miss L Ralphson

Key Stage 1 classes
Class teacher: Miss A Maguire

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Yamin

Class Teacher: Mrs H Butterworth
Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Hussain

Class Teacher: Miss A Ali
Teaching Assistant: Miss J Marlor

Class Teacher: Mr C Lowe
Teaching Assistant: Mrs F Amjad and Mrs H Holt

Key Stage 2 classes
Class Teacher:  Mrs L Hardman
Teaching Assistant: Mr M Wardlow

Class Teacher: Miss R ODwyer
Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Jamil

Class Teacher: Miss J Haynes
Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Dawson

Class Teacher: Mrs A Ali
Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Mansfield

Class Teacher: Mrs C O’Neill
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Cave
Class Teacher: Miss R O’Dwyer
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Ahmad

Class Teacher: Mr C Dance
Teaching Assistant: Miss K Greenwood and Mrs Noreen


Class Teachers: Miss A Awan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Noreen and Mrs M Kabir

Class Teacher: Mr P Couldridge
Teaching Assistants: Miss E Taylor

Class Teacher: Mrs C McGreevy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Hall, Mrs N Sheikh

Class Teacher: Mr C Lowe
Teaching Assistant: Mr C Welsby

Preparation and Assessment (PPA) cover
Miss S Carr

Mr P Ashling

Mrs D Hanes and Learning Mentor: Mrs B Kelly

Inclusion and Family Outreach
SENDCo: Mrs A Bi
Pastoral Manager: Mrs N Mulkeen

Catering Staff

Kitchen Supervisor:  Miss C Carroll

Assistant Cook:  Miss S Ilyas

Kitchen Assistant:  Mrs L Hill

Kitchen Assistant:  Mrs T Buckley

Kitchen Assistant:  Miss E Bowman


Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Supervisor

Mrs R Khamisa

Miss M Latham


Miss J Kenny

Mrs K Rafiq

Miss L Woodrup

Mrs R Begum

Miss Z Khanum

Mrs N Akhtar

Mrs J Bibi

Site Manager:

Mr D Hanes

Cleaning Staff:

Mrs S Meredith

Mr R Welsh

ICT Manager
Mr K Riley

Head Teacher

Mr Johnson

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Lawton


Mrs Bi

School Business Manager

Mrs Richards

School Administrative Staff
Office Manager

Mrs Sale

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Parker

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Begum

Class RA Class Teacher

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs McCance
Class RB Class Teacher

Miss Taylor

Mrs Khamisa
Class RC Class Teacher

Miss Ralphson

Mrs Borkin
Class 1A
Class Teacher

Miss Maquire

Mrs Hussain

Mrs Akhtar

Class 1B
Class Teacher

Mrs Butterworth

Mrs Akbar

Mrs Begum

Class 1C Class Teacher

Miss Ali

Mrs Yamin
Class 2A
Class Teacher

Mr Lowe

Mrs Jamil
Class 2B Class Teacher

Mrs Hardman

Mrs Holt Mrs Bibi
Class 3A Class Teacher

Miss O’Dwyer

Mrs Dawson
Class 3B Class Teacher

Miss Coomber

Mrs Kabir

Mrs Mansfield

Class 4A Class Teacher

Miss Haynes

Mrs Noreen Mrs Tighe
Class 4B Class Teacher

Mr Dance

Mrs Cave Mrs Sheikh
Class 5A Class Teacher

Mrs Brown

Mrs Khatoon
Class 5B Class Teacher

Miss Carr

Miss Bower
Class 5x/y Class Teacher

Miss Henry

Mrs Greenwood

Mrs Ahmed

Class 6A
Class Teacher

Mrs O’Neill

Mr Wardlow
Class 6B
Class Teacher

Mrs McGreevy

Mrs Hall
Class 6C
Class Teacher

Mr Couldridge

Mrs Taylor Mr Welsby