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Working in collaboration with the Ogden Trust (, which is a trust set up by former pupil Peter Ogden to support Science education in the UK, our Phiz Lab is a dedicated Science classroom. The Lab is used by all children at Lowerplace for Science lessons – giving them an opportunity to wear their own white lab coat and safety goggles to carry out investigations. The Lab is well equipped with a wide range of Science equipment and resources; it is a real hub of Science enthusiasm and learning within the school – something we are very proud of. Not only is the Lab open to all pupils at Lowerplace, but schools from Rochdale can arrange to use the Lab (please contact Mr Lowe regarding any enquiries)

The Phiz Lab provides Lowerplace with an excellent opportunity to nurture a passion for science in all our children, as well as provide regular opportunities to work scientifically and develop a broad range of skills.

We believe that it has the following benefits for the our school and our children:

  • Improved progress and attainment in Science
  • Better quality of learning and teaching in Science
  • Development of effective partnerships
  • Raised science profile
  • Raised aspirations of pupils
  • Increased parent/carer engagement
  • Basic skills development
  • More balanced curriculum coverage

For enquiries regarding the Phiz Lab, please contact Mr Lowe (

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