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Lowerplace Primary School remember Rochdale’s fallen soldiers to commemorate Remembrance Day

Children in Year Six at Lowerplace Primary School have commemorated Remembrance Day by writing letters to some of Rochdale’s fallen soldiers.

After researching a number of local soldiers who died during World War One and World War Two, the children then chose a soldier to research to find out more information about them, such as where they lived, family members, and what regiment they were in.

They then independently wrote letters to the soldiers: George Fred Endersby, William Thomas Livesey, Ernest Patrick Lyons, Clifford Thompson, Ritchie James, LW Ward, William Edward Ward, Francis Brinkman, Peter Cross, Thomas Howarth, Charles Howarth, Fred Smith, Harry Butterworth.

Quotes from the children’s letters include: ‘your mum must have been very proud of you’,’you gave up your life to give us freedom’, ‘what a heroic person you are’, ‘you are our hero’, ‘we are really sad that you have gone’, ‘rest in peace’.

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The Great Science Share for Schools

On Tuesday 18th June 11 primary schools and 3 secondary schools, from across Rochdale, came together at Number One Riverside to share their science investigations, as part on the national Great Science Share for Schools campaign. Lowerplace was among those schools participating.


Lowerplace Pupils Publish Poems

As many of you know we have been entering the Young Writers competitions for a few years now and had no joy. But……we have finally won and have had our work published in a book! The book, Poetry Patrol, Lancashire Verses, edited by Jenni Harrison contains 13 poems written by Year 2 pupils. Well done…….  


RAPH Friday 21st June – links to You Tube videos from The Communication Project and Mr Shapeshifter

TALES TOOLKIT   – examples of storytelling in the classroom   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aMF9rLyhRU

ELKLAN 3 – 5’s  examples of practice in Rochdale schools  https://youtu.be/uM3JkFnFmCQ

Mr. Shapeshifter – Help Children Stay Safe From Abuse   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mr+shape+shifter

Newest Nominate a Smile winner is top of the class

A headteacher from the Greater Manchester region has been announced as the latest recipient of the Nominate a Smile award.

Garry Johnson of Lowerplace Primary School in Rochdale, has been recognised for his determination and passion for tackling childhood tooth decay and obesity across the area.

Garry has brought several oral health initiatives into the classroom throughout his teaching career.  All of which have had a positive impact on thousands of children and families.

As well as teaching his pupils about the importance of toothbrushing and a healthy diet, Garry has formed a relationship with a local dental practice who regularly come out to do health checks on the 600 children at the school.



Rochdale holds first inter-school Spelling Bee

Set in the stunning Great Hall, over 200 supporters with flags and banners gathered to support the 15 finalists in the borough’s first ever spelling bee final.



Lowerplace are “livin it”once again

Question time for health leaders at Lowerplace

Primary SchoolPupils at Lowerplace Primary School, Rochdale had the chance to grill local health leaders in February when they held their own question time session.


BUZZ across the Borough

Primary schools across the borough have taken part in Rochdale’s first ever Spelling Bee challenge.

Lowerplace Primary School in Rochdale organised a borough-wide event to help improve pupils’ spelling and confidence in a fun way, while also bringing children from different schools together.

Following a series of inter school-heats, 32 primary schools chose their spelling bee representatives for the semi-finals. These were held in front of a packed audience at Kingsway Park High School. Read on……..

Governor Responsibilities

Rochdale Borough Council caught up with the head teacher,

Mr Garry Johnson and Tammy Flynn, chair of governors

for an overview of the responsibilities taken on by the board of governors.

This is what they had to say.

We're looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to be governors in our schools. It's a really rewarding role as Tammy and Garry from Lowerplace Primary explain.If you're interested please visit rochdale.gov.uk/governors

Posted by Rochdale Borough Council on Monday, 8 April 2019

The Rochdale Spelling Bee

Lowerplace Finalist

Thursday the 4th April, Nimra competed against 32 other children in the Semi-final of the spelling bee. It was a nervous time for all the competitors but they did a fantastic job. Nimra was amazing and managed to get through to the Grand Final which takes place at Rochdale Town Hall in May. We are very proud of Nimra and send her lots of luck. She will “BEE” fantastic


Lowerplace Annual Spelling Bee 2019

Lowerplace held its annual spelling bee on Friday 22nd of March and it was just as nail-biting as we anticipated! The competition was high and all finalists represented their classes brilliantly. Of course, there could only be one winner and Nimra in Year 5 emerged as the Lowerplace Spelling Bee champion, spelling a range of challenging words with clarity and confidence. She will be a very worthy contender when she represents Lowerplace School at the Rochdale Spelling Bee Semi-Finals at Kingsway High on Thursday 4th April. Go for it Nimra! We are so proud of you and we are all behind you!


The Storyteller

Richard O’Neill
February 2019

* Diverse Book Week was initially inspired, encouraged and supported by the amazing team at Lowerplace Primary Rochdale. Thank you Garry, Clare and all the staff and children at what is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever worked.


Rochdale Food and Drink Festival

Mr G Johnson, Head Teacher of Lowerplace Primary School headed a team of staff to promote the school with their fruit caravan and healthy eating campaign and took it to the Rochdale Food and Drink Festival, Rochdale Town Hall. The venture was a resounding success with many members of the public commenting on the quality and standard of the fruit that is available to the pupils at the school, on a daily basis. Credit goes to Claire Carroll and the staff from the kitchen without whom the fruit could not have been prepared and who gave up their weekend to help raise awareness of Healthy Eating within the school, at the event.


STEM Family Night

Lowerplace Primary school threw open its doors on the evening of

Monday, 11 March 2019 for parents to enjoy science lessons.




Safer Internet Day at Lowerplace Primary

Staying safe online was the key message for schoolchildren and their parents as Lowerplace Primary School

took part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday (5 February).

Local Science Teacher To Receive Top Award

Chris Lowe, assistant headteacher and science leader at Lowerplace Primary School Rochdale,

is to receive a Primary Science Teacher Award;

it has been announced by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT).

School Holds Science Spectacular

Pupils at Lowerplace Primary School in Rochdale were treated to a fun-filled day of physics activities, following on from the visit of local science teacher Chris Lowe to international scientific research centre CERN.

Rochdale Food and Drink Festival

Lowerplace Primary School have been invited to the Rochdale Food and Drink Festival where they will be hosting their own Healthy Eating Stall and promoting both the benefits of  Healthy Eating and exercise. Please follow this link for more details:


Lowerplace Celebrate School Diversity

The school celebrated it’s diversity when we invited the local Imam and Vicar to join us and conduct a Joint Faith Assembly for the staff and pupils. One of the topics the faith leaders discussed was the similarities between Christians and Muslims.

Lowerplace are “livin’ it!”

Pupils from Lowerplace have been to Wellfield Medical Centre to offer healthy eating advice to patients.

The visit was covered by the local NHS authority and has appeared as an article in their “livin’ it!” newsletter.

To read the full article please click this paragraph and then go to page 7 of the newsletter.

Lowerplace, the NHS and Healthy Eating

Sir Peter Ogden returns to Rochdale to open ‘Phiz Lab’ at Lowerplace Primary School

Sir Peter Ogden, a Rochdale born computer entrepreneur, founder and former chairman of the Ogden Trust, opened a brand new ‘Phiz Lab’ on Tuesday (16 January) at Lowerplace Primary School, Kingsway.

Science Pupils share formula for success

Rockets Magnets and Electricity were among many of the things on test at Lowerplace Primary School:

Teacher goes nuclear for trip to top science centre

A primary school teacher is to visit one of the world’s most important scientific research centre:

Local science teacher returns from CERN with latest wonders of physics

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