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An Important Change

What do you think?

Dear Parents/carers
Since 2005 all teachers have been entitled to a proportion of their teaching time as non-contact time each week for ‘Planning, Preparation and Assessment’ (PPA). This includes lesson preparation, reviewing learning and preparing next steps for the coming week using high quality resources to support learners.
Prior to Covid PPA was staggered across the week and we did our best to make sure that your child had a high quality learning experience whilst his or her teacher is absent from the classroom. Although we believe that this can be successful, we feel for the children’s wellbeing, consistency in teaching is vital. We also think that the change of staffing while your child’s class teacher has their PPA has an impact on behaviour and the children’s readiness for learning which impacts across the whole school and the rest of the week.
During the Covid pandemic we have trialled another approach for the delivery of PPA time. All teachers have been having PPA on a Friday afternoon. The benefits of this approach have become clear during this year. Our school governors agree in principle but are keen to seek your views and we would like to know what you think of it.
The solution:
School will start as normal at 8.50am each morning (doors open at 8.40am) assuming we no longer need to stagger times
Continue with a 45- minute lunchtime
School will finish at 3.15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
On Fridays, children will be collected from school at 1.15pm after lunch
For parents who work or in full time education on Fridays, there will be provision of a well-staffed and exciting Friday Club until 3.15pm.
Teachers would all have their statutory PPA time, in school, on Friday afternoons after the pupils have left for the day.

The advantages:
Their class teachers, specialist teachers or senior leaders will always teach children unless the teacher is on a training course or ill.
Children will still be in school and taught for the statutory required time.
Children will be taught at the optimal times. Friday afternoon can be a difficult time for learning for pupils. Children are more alert and motivated in the mornings.
Our attendance is likely to improve. In the past parents have taken their children out of school on Friday afternoons which impacts on our overall attendance levels. The expected standard of attendance by Ofsted is 96% and above.
We will gain a considerable number of Teaching Assistant (TA) hours. Covering PPA uses a considerable amount of TA4 hours. If not covering PPA, these additional TA hours will be used to support children by running interventions, booster lessons etc. on Monday and Thursday afternoons.
Children of parents employed on a Friday or parents in full time education will have access to high quality extra-curricular activities. The Friday Club will allow children or parents who work on Fridays access to extra-curricular activities such as additional sporting or art and craft activities.
We have spoken to other schools and I have previously visited Cambridgeshire schools that have successfully run this arrangement for several years; they say it has worked well for their children and families. Your children are of utmost importance to us. We believe this proposed timetable has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on teaching and learning, conditions for learning and your child’s enjoyment of school.
We pride ourselves on listening to our parent body. At this stage, we would like to know your thoughts about the plan and how many of you would need childcare arrangements so that we can make an informed decision about the future of our PPA provision.
Please respond by completing the short survey found at the end of this letter by 3pm on Friday 18th June 2021. The Governing Body will meet to discuss the findings of the consultation in early July and will then write to you regarding the final decision responding to any questions and concerns.
Please email your response to or hand in at the office or to a member of staff at the gate at drop off/pick up time. Paper copies of the survey will be available at the office.

School PPA Survey June 2021

Yours faithfully on behalf of the Governing Body,
Ms Karen Martin

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