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What Will We Do If It Snows?

It’s getting to that time of year again, where we can expect some bad weather.  We are all hoping it doesn’t get icy or snowy, but if it does, this is how we’ll handle it!

Please bear in mind, if school is open your child is expected to be here. Absences will not be authorised due to issues with weather.

If the decision is made not to open school on a particular day, we take multiple steps to let parent know as soon as possible:

* we will text parents and carers – if you have changed your number recently, please check with the school office that we have your correct number.

* we will post a message here on our “Latest News” blog page

* we will tweet it from the main school Twitter account @Lowerplace_PS

* it will be listed on the council’s school closures website here: Rochdale Council Snow

* we will let local radio stations know, who will list it on their own websites and may announce it on-air.

Thank you!

We will always make every effort to keep school open, and appreciate all of our parents making the effort to get their children here!

Please pay attention to road conditions, particularly at the beginning and end of the school day when traffic around school is increased, and consider parking a little further away from school than usual.


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