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Everything’s Christmassy at Lowerplace!

Well, we’re definitely on track for Christmas at Lowerplace. We had a hugely successful Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day last Friday (and the school elves are in the process of counting up the money – thank you so much for your generosity!) and the first performance of the Key Stage 2 show “Away With The Manger”.

We want to say a huge thank you to parents and other family members for their patience with the ticketing for the KS2 shows; as you know we have to limit the number of people in the Hall for fire safety, so ticketing the events is the only way we can be sure that we’re not over that limit.

Check below for the other exciting events at school over the next week and a half! We’re breaking up at 3:15pm on Wednesday 21st December 2016, and are back in at 8:50am on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Christmas events letter 2016