Subject Overviews

Subject Overviews

Below you can find documents detailing the topics covered in each subject by each year group throughout our academic year. A combination of Key Skills and National Curriculum Objectives are used to deliver the units in a cross-curricular way.
You can see more in-depth information on each Key Stage by going through the menu above to either Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

Curriculum Overview 2015

Whole School English Overview 2015
English Overview Reception 2015-16

English Overview Year 1 2015-16

English Overview Year 2 2015-16

English Overview Year 3 2015-16

English Overview Year 4 2015-16

English Overview Year 5 2015-16

English Overview Year 6 2015-16

Our Phonics and Reading Statement
Our Phonics and Reading Statement

Whole School Maths Overview 2015
Maths Overview Reception 2015-16

Maths Overview Year 1 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 1

Maths Overview Year 2 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 2

Maths Overview Year 3 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 3

Maths Overview Year 4 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 4

Maths Overview Year 5 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 5

Maths Overview Year 6 2015-16
Maths VCP Year 6

Whole School Science Overview 2015
Science Overview Whole School

Whole School Computing Overview 2015
Computing Year 1 2

Computing Year 3 4

Computing Year 5 6

RE Overview 2015
RE Overview Whole School 2015-16

RE Class Act of Worship Ideas Autumn

RE Class Act of Worship Ideas Spring

RE Class Act of Worship Ideas Summer

PSHE and Relationship Education Overview 2015
PSHE Overview Whole School

Art Overview 2015
Art themes with curriculum expectations

Design Technology Overview 2015
Design Technology Overview Whole School

MFL & French Overview 2015
French Overview Key Stage 2

Music Overview 2015
Music Overview Key Stage 1

Music Overview Key Stage 2 2015-16

PE Overview 2015
PE Sport Overview Whole School

PE Principles Reception

PE Principles Year 1

PE Principles Year 2

PE Principles Year 3

PE Principles Year 4

PE Principles Year 5

PE Principles Year 6

Topic Overview 2015 (Geography and History)
Topic Overview Whole School