School Council

Lowerplace is very proud of its School Council, made up of pupil representatives from each class in school from Year 1 to Year 6. They receive support from two members of staff: Miss Butterworth, our Assistant Head and PSHE Lead, and Mrs Kelly, our Learning Mentor.

The School Council aims to meet twice a term to discuss how we can help make the school a better place to learn. Each class has circle time to talk about things they want the School Council to discuss at the meetings, and the pupil representatives will then raise these with the whole School Council. It works a little bit like MPs at Parliament and helps us to understand how the British government works, while also giving us the chance to make the improvements that we want! We have a process in the School Council to elect members of the Council to positions of authority: we have a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary, and Deputies for each of them, known as the Vice-Chairperson, the Vice-Treasurer, and the Vice-Secretary.

One of our important jobs is to arrange fundraising in school. We regularly support Comic Relief and Sport Relief, Children in Need, and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

We take minutes at every meeting and then we report back to our classes. The minutes for each meeting are published on the website, you can read them by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

We also update our School Council blog to let people know what we are doing, you can read it by clicking HERE.

The School Council representatives for 2017-18 are:
Abdurrahman and Arfa in Year 1
Jaiden and Anees in Year 2
Kazal and Aizah in Year 3
Luke, Hasnain and Aisha in Year 4
Max, Mariam and Rhys in Year 5
Umar, Myra and Subhan in Year 6

Chairperson Luke
Vice-Chair Aisha
Secretary Myra
Vice-Secretary Umar
Treasurer Max
Vice-Treasurer Jaiden

Minutes from School Council Meetings 2017-18: