Forest Schools

Forest Schools & Outdoor Learning

Lowerplace Primary both values and encourages the use of outdoor learning throughout the school. All children are continually taught how to be safe in different situations within the outdoor environment.

You can see why we always ask for children to bring in wellies and old clothes when they’re learning outdoors!

We are continuing to develop our own purpose built Forest School Area on the School Field. The project has been developed to provide a sustainable area that can be used by the whole school range in a variety of ways across the curriculum. Lowerplace Forest School has been enclosed to encompass all the activities, and ensure the children are safe and secure.

The children value this area as they have created it themselves. Children come out for both group work and class themes at different times of the year, so they can become more aware of the seasons, develop a variety of practical skills which give them a greater understanding of the environment.

Reception Class use Forest School in small groups on rotation at different times of the school year. They explore the outdoor environment through investigation and varying activities.

Children’s stories are used to bring the forest school to life, and learn about being safe in different situations.

KS1 children become involved in forest school activities, which combine basic practical skills, like gardening, den building and outdoor cooking, along with themes across the curriculum. As they reach year 2 the children will work with the Junior children to develop bigger projects. Currently they will be helping on our pond and wildlife area.

KS2 children are working to improve and understand the outdoor environment by creating a variety of areas in the school grounds. Last year they built a pizza oven, created frames for tree houses and developed their own sheltered fire pit area. Along with this they will come out as a class for outdoor projects. This term year four are developing their own rainforest village.

You can keep up with everything that’s happening in our Forest School by visiting their blog HERE!