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Ready for the next generation of young scientists!

After the exciting Grand Opening of our brand new Phiz Lab on Tuesday this week, the children of Lowerplace have been getting stuck in to some real science!  We were delighted to show off our fantastic new facility to the people who made it all possible – The Ogden Trust – and to several VIPs, pupils from other local schools, and the press.  We shared the radio interview with BBC Radio Manchester yesterday, today you can read the story on Rochdale Online.


The first proper lesson in the Phiz Lab happened today, class 4c were the lucky ones who got to make the first sparks fly in the name of scientific advancement!   They were creating electrical circuits and investigating the use of switches.


Have you heard about our new Phiz Lab?

We’ve been busy for weeks converting a classroom into a dedicated science lab, so that the children of Lowerplace can get hands-on in their science lessons, and we’re delighted to announce that today is the grand opening!  The Phiz Lab has been made possible by the funding and support of The Odgen Trust which is a charitable trust set up to promote the teaching and learning of physics.

Sir Peter Ogden will be joining us later today to declare the Phiz Lab open, and he will be visiting classes around school to see how we teach science at Lowerplace.

We already had some exciting visitors this morning – a crew from BBC Radio Manchester arrived to interview our Science Lead Teacher, Mr Lowe, and two of our budding young scientists, Thomas and Tayba.

You can listen to the interview by clicking the play button below!

Be on time at quarter to nine!

Dear Parents and Carers

As you know, the school is on a rapid journey of improvement.  Historically, the children of Lowerplace have been coming into school between 8:45am and 9:00am or even later!   Our school day begins at 8:50am and the majority of children are here on time.  Unfortunately, latecomers mean that learning is disrupted, booster groups are delayed, and children are missing out on the preparation for their day of learning.

Our fantastic staff team are working very hard in school to drive up standards.  To achieve this, every available minute of the day is captured and invested into our children.  At 8:50am, the children should be in class, as this is the time that they are looking in their books at the teachers marking, making corrections, and preparing for the day ahead.  Sometimes this time is used to work with adults in small groups to give them a boost if they found the work from the previous day too hard.  Many other activities happen during this time to prepare the day as lessons begin at 9:00am.

Approximately 90 children arrive in school after 8:50am each day and are marked as late on our registers.  Over the next week, we are going to be tightening up our morning procedures to ensure that all of this vital morning work time is captured for the benefit of our children’s learning.  Children who arrive after 8:50am are missing this vital teacher input and are having to catch up at other times of the day, if at all.  Children who are here on time at 8:50am are often disrupted by the flow of children arriving after them.

The new morning routine is as follows:

  • 8:45am – Teachers will start to bring in their class lines into school (we aim to open the doors at 8:40am if it is raining)
  • 8:50am – Gates and doors are closed and lessons begin promptly
  • 8:51am and later – Late children must be brought to the office to be signed is as late.  Parents of children in EYFS should ring the bell to the unit and they will be signed in there.

I recognise that this may result in you changing your household routine to ensure your children are here on time at 8:45am, but I’m sure that these adjustments will positively impact on learning.

I trust we have your support and look forward to seeing an 8:50am prompt start to the day in all classrooms, with all of our children prepared and ready to learn!

Yours faithfully,

Garry Johnson


Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – and a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2018!

We’ll see you back in school on Thursday 4th January, on time at 8:50am!

Measles in Greater Manchester

Following the recent publicity regarding measles outbreaks across the country please find below a general update for you on the current situation and advice from Public Health England.

Measles is circulating in Greater Manchester in addition to other areas in the country. The message to parents is to Contact your GP for a free MMR vaccine if you, your children and teenagers haven’t had 2 doses. Measles is extremely infectious.  For people who have symptoms of measles the advice is to ring your GP or NHS 111 as soon as possible to get advice on what to do next. Further information on symptoms of measles is on the link below.

The link for further information on measles is HERE.

The link below gives information about the current national position and information on the recent outbreaks. There has been a link in some cases to outbreaks in other countries such as Romania, Italy and Germany so there have been messages for people travelling to and from these countries.

Christmas Tree Assembly

Lowerplace Christmas Tree Assembly 2017

On Monday the 04 Dec, the pupils of Lowerplace invited some special friends to help them decorate their Christmas trees. Santa was accompanied by Rudolph and other members of Santa’s Christmas Crew.

Both KS1 and KS2 pupils had taken time to create their own special hand crafted decorations, to be hung on the tree while the children sang Christmas Carols. 

All the pupils sang with enthusiasm and cheered as Santa and Rudolph distributed gifts and chocolatesA wonderful time was had by all and both trees now look amazing. A BIG well done to the children for the brilliant decorations and for welcoming the start of Christmas to Lowerplace for 2017.