Measles in Greater Manchester

Following the recent publicity regarding measles outbreaks across the country please find below a general update for you on the current situation and advice from Public Health England.

Measles is circulating in Greater Manchester in addition to other areas in the country. The message to parents is to Contact your GP for a free MMR vaccine if you, your children and teenagers haven’t had 2 doses. Measles is extremely infectious.  For people who have symptoms of measles the advice is to ring your GP or NHS 111 as soon as possible to get advice on what to do next. Further information on symptoms of measles is on the link below.

The link for further information on measles is HERE.

The link below gives information about the current national position and information on the recent outbreaks. There has been a link in some cases to outbreaks in other countries such as Romania, Italy and Germany so there have been messages for people travelling to and from these countries.