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What will we do if we have to close the school for bad weather?

Bad weather has been forecast for tomorrow and the weekend, with snow and ice warnings issued for north-west England. Please bear in mind, that if school is open your child is expected to be here. Absences will not be authorised due to issues with weather.

If the decision is made not to open school on a particular day, we take multiple steps to let parent know as soon as possible:

* we will text parents and carers – if you have changed your number recently, please check with the school office that we have your correct number. If you have a ParentMail account, please update it with your new number. School staff are unable to update your personal ParentMail account.

* we will post a message here on our News Desk blog page

* we will tweet it from the main school Twitter account @Lowerplace_PS

* it will be listed on the council’s school closures website here: Rochdale Council Snow

* we will let local radio stations know, who will list it on their own websites and may announce it on-air.

Thank you!

Christmas Tree Assembly

Lowerplace Christmas Tree Assembly 2017

On Monday the 04 Dec, the pupils of Lowerplace invited some special friends to help them decorate their Christmas trees. Santa was accompanied by Rudolph and other members of Santa’s Christmas Crew.

Both KS1 and KS2 pupils had taken time to create their own special hand crafted decorations, to be hung on the tree while the children sang Christmas Carols. 

All the pupils sang with enthusiasm and cheered as Santa and Rudolph distributed gifts and chocolatesA wonderful time was had by all and both trees now look amazing. A BIG well done to the children for the brilliant decorations and for welcoming the start of Christmas to Lowerplace for 2017.