Would you like to be a School Governor?

Lowerplace Primary School currently has ONE vacancy for a parent governor that we would like to fill.

Being a parent governor is an important and responsible role and takes as much commitment as you are willing to give. The are eight “full governors” meetings each year (where all the governors meet to discuss school performance and strategies for improvement) as well as some extra “committee” meetings looking at specific things at school does in more detail, like the curriculum, staffing, and the budget.

The job of the Governors is to make decisions about how the school is run, to support staff and ensure that we are caring for your children’s education in the right way. If you become a governor, you’d be expected to serve for four years.

Nomination forms went out in children’s bookbags this week. To put yourself forward as a governor, please complete the nomination form and return it to the Headteacher no later than noon on Friday 8th December. You may wish to nominate another parent. Please ensure that you have their consent before nominating them. If we have more than one nomination, we will hold an election.

For a little bit more information of what a school governor does, please follow this link to the National Governance Association HERE.