Important Changes to Legislation Regarding Term-Time Holidays

Rochdale Council’s Education Welfare Service has been issuing Penalty Notice Fines for unauthorised absences on behalf of schools since the introduction of the fines in 2003 under Section 23 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, 2003.

You might be aware that following the Isle of Wight v Platt case in 2016, Penalty Notices for leave in term time was temporarily suspended until a decision was made by the Supreme Court.  During this suspension, the Education Welfare Service were only able to refer families for a fine if the leave exceeded 10 school days, as opposed to 5.

The Supreme Court has now overturned the decision made by the High Court, so the Education Welfare Service will be reinstating the issuing of fines for leave in term time with immediate effect.

This means that in line with our Attendance Policy and guidance issued by the Department for Education, all families who take unauthorised leave exceeding five school days will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by the Education Welfare Service.

Further information regarding Unauthorised Leave and other attendance matters can be found in our Attendance Policy.

This following is an excerpt from the policy, specifically relating to this recent update:

Attendance and FPNs June 2017