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Well done Lowerplace!

We’ve had word from Springy the Frog over at Springhill Hospice. He’s amazed and impressed with our fundraising this year, joining in with their ‘One Million Pennies’ challenge.

springy May 2016

Everyone in School took home a ‘Change Box’ – a small cardboard box that you could deposit your spare change into. We collected them all on Go Green Day, Friday 13th May, and Springy came to collect it last week. We’re so proud to announce that we’ve collected a huge amount this year, far more than we’ve ever raised before!

We’ve raised an astonishing:

Go Green total May 2016

Thank you, Lowerplace! You’re incredible!

Go Green for Springhill Hospice on Friday 13th May!

springhill hospice logo

We’re excited about Friday 13th May – just the thing to help Year 6 celebrate the end of their SATs week! We’re having a non-uniform day and GOING GREEN to support Springhill Hospice, so would love to see everyone coming into school wearing something green on Friday 13th May!

Go Green Springhill Hulk

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing green top to toe (we’re hoping Mr Hall digs out his Hulk costume again to give us all a giggle!) or just wearing green accessories, like a hairband or a hat along with your own clothes.

Go Green Springhill Kermit

Don’t forget to bring in your ‘Change Boxes’ – all that loose change will make a huge difference to Springhill, who are hoping to raise £10,000 this month from their fundraising across Rochdale!

Go Green Springhill Tinkerbell

Springhill Hospice works hard to give families the right support when their family members are unwell, and most of their income come from charitable donations. You can read more about their work on their website here.

SATs at Lowerplace

Keep Calm SATs

Year 2:

Year 2 had their first SAT this morning. This year, the tests for Year 2 will be spaced out over the month of May, rather than concentrated into one week. It is crucial that your child attend school on time every day during the test period.

Year 6:

SATs have started for Year 6 this morning, after an excellent Breakfast Club session – a special Year 6 SATs Breakfast Club is happening in the Junior Dining Hall every morning this week, which is free for all Year 6 children to attend. An early start, a hearty breakfast and some calming yoga before school starts means that our Year 6 classes are relaxed and ready for the tests.

Here’s a quick reminder of the dates of the tests:

Y6 SATs timetable 2016

Please make sure your Year 6 child is in school early for Breakfast Club (which starts at 8am) every day this week, and please do not book any appointments during this week.

On Friday 13th May, we’ll be holding the Year 6 SATs celebration morning in the Junior Hall, starting at 9:45am. It’s also Go Green Day for Springhill Hospice, so we’re asking children to come into school wearing something green (whether that’s a t-shirt, a hairband, or that Ninja Turtle costume they just can’t seem to bear to part with) and don’t forget to bring your fundraising ‘Change Box’ with whatever spare change you’ve managed to collect!