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Safer Internet Day 2016

With Safer Internet 2016 day approaching I have been talking with KS1 about the way we use computers and the internet. We discussed how we communicate with each other, what information we should keep private and who we should trust when online. We watched ‘Lee and Kim’s Adventures’ and agreed SID’s four top tips.

Next week, the children will be designing internet safety posters to re-enforce these important messages.

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Staff team-building in Charter Street!

We have regular “teacher training days” at school which help us to bond as a team and teach us new skills. This helps us constantly improve what we can offer to all the children at Lowerplace.

Sometimes, though, we like to organise our own… like today! We named it #PieWednesday, put on our aprons and got baking (or buying). We had a lovely selection of savoury and sweet treats to indulge in.


It was a definite success – as you can see from the smiling faces here! Mrs Earl even popped down to join in (I think she smelled the pies baking all the way from her office in the Kingsway building!).


Now we’re looking forward to our next one! Which was your favourite pie? What should we try next?

Congratulations to the Lowerplace School Council!

We’re delighted to share the news that the Lowerplace School Council has been awarded the Platinum Level Effective School Council Status 2016-2018!


Effective school councils can contribute in many ways to the policies and procedures within schools, as well as complementing the citizenship curriculum. It gives the children a voice in the democratic process of decision-making in school, with a representative from each class attending every School Council meeting to present their classmates views and opinions on the items being discussed.

The children fulfill all of the roles within the Council, including the Chairperson, Secretary, Press Officer and Treasurer – as well as Assistants to those positions to ensure the skills are shared, and are ably supported by Miss Buckley and Mrs Kelly.

Last Friday, Lowerplace hosted all the School Councils across Rochdale.


Lowerplace are now part of the Rochdale Pioneers Partnership SCITT through its cluster RUSC. To find out more information about how to train to be a teacher through our Primary SCITT

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Attendance Award Friday 15th January 2016

Our Attendance Winners this week;

FS & KS1 – Class 1a 96.7%
KS2 – Class 3a 100%

Punctuality Winners;

Ra, Rb, 1a, 1b, 2a, 2c
3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b

100% attendance

Last week we held our 100% Attendance Winners Reward Day for the Autumn Term. We had 185 winners, and they were rewarded with a Daylight Disco where they danced the day away! We are so proud to celebrate our children’s achievements in attendance, and we recognise that the support of parents makes all the difference in this matter. So far, we have had an excellent start to the Spring Term too, and we hope this continues towards Easter.

If you encounter any difficulties in getting your child to school, then please contact Mrs Mulkeen, our Family Outreach Officer, who will be able to offer you support.