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Attendance Winners 6th February 2015

Attendance Awards on 6th February go to:@
1st Place – 6a with 99%
2nd Place – Rb with 97.7%
3rd Place – 2b with 95.2%

Punctuality Awards
FS – Rb
KS1 – 1c
KS2 – 4a and 6a

Parents, please remember that you must call the school on 01706 648174 Extension 1 to report any absences. We may text you through ParentMail if a reason is not provided.

Please note – we no longer have a mobile phone number for you to text us on. ParentMail is a one-way system.

Absences without a reason are recorded as unauthorised on a child’s record. Unauthorised absences will count towards a Fixed Penalty Notice Fine.

What do you get when…?

…you add up a typo on the school menu and our brilliant kitchen staff who are willing to try and rustle up anything?

Flapjack mousse, of course!


It looks yummy, ladies! What do you think we could try next?

Breakfast Club

If you’d like to know more about Breakfast Club, please click on the image below. You can also view the school’s Breakfast Club Policy by clicking here.

Breakfast Club Feb 2015