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Non-Uniform Day – Bring a Bottle


Don’t forget that tomorrow the children are all invited to wear non-uniform clothes to school, in return for a donation to our bottle tombola for the Christmas Fair.

Any bottled goods would be appreciated – but no alcohol please!

Christmas Fair 2013

christmas is coming

Our fantastic Christmas Fair will be held on Friday 13th December from 9.30am – 4pm.

Each class will have chance to visit the Fair during the school day. We will inform you of the time your child’s class will be visiting nearer to the day so that you may join them if you wish. If you are unable to make it you are welcome to come after school.

This is a very popular event and we are hoping you will be able to help us make it a great success again this year!
Please see the list below for ways you can help….

Bring a Bottle Non-Uniform Day – On Friday 29th November, all children are invited to wear non-uniform to school in return for donations of bottles for the Tombola. This could be shampoo, perfume, juice, non alcoholic fizzy drinks, ketchup or any other bottled goods! Please do not send alcohol.

Rainbow Non-Uniform Day – On Friday 6th December all children are invited to wear non-uniform to school in return for donations for our Rainbow Stall. Each Class has been allocated a colour to bring. Items can be anything from
food/drink, inexpensive/used toys, or anything else you can think of!

FS – Red, Year 1 – Yellow, Year 2 – Pink, Year 3 – Green, Year 4 – Orange, Year 5 – Purple, Year 6 – Blue

Bric-a-Brac – We would welcome any donations of bric-a-brac for our stalls. New or used toys, books, games, DVD’s, CD’s and teddy’s which are in good condition.

Helping Hands – Anyone who would be willing to help out by putting festive decorations up in the Hall before the Fair, or anyone who would like to help out on the day running stalls etc, please speak to Mrs Kabir or Mrs Mulkeen.

Thank you for your support!

Blog – glitches

Uh Oh!

We seem to be experiencing some difficulties with the Menus at the top of this blog page.

We are working with the Support Technicians to get this fixed as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the blogsite or feel that you can’t get to any information you require, please contact Mrs Mulkeen on 01706 648174 ext 3.

Thank you for bearing with us!

Scholastic Book Fair – This Week


Every night this week after school we will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair in the KS1 Hall.

It is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on some lovely books for your home library, or even some stocking fillers for Christmas.

Look out for the ‘Book Fair’ signposts around school.

Attendance Winners

This weeks Attendance Winners were;
1st Place – 6b with 99.7%
2nd Place – 1b with 97.3%
3rd Place – Rb with 96.4%

Well done to 6b, that is a fantastic effort!

Punctuality Awards go to;
Rc, 1b and 6b.


Attendance Winners

The Attendance Winners for W/E 15th November are;
1st Place – 4b with 98.3%
2nd Place – 1c and 2a with 95%
3rd Place – Rb with 93.9%

The Punctuality Awards went to;
FS – Rc
KS1 – 2a
KS2 – 6a

Children In Need

children in need 2013

On Friday 15th November we will be taking part in fundraising for Children in Need.

It would be wonderful if the children could come to school in ‘something spotty’ for a donation of £1. We will also sell snacks at Breaktime for just 30p.

We are also selling some fantastic wristbands and Pudsey Bear keyrings for £1 and £2.

All proceeds go directly to the charity.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Attendance Winners

The Attendance Winners for W/E 8th November are;
1st Place – 3b with 99.1%
2nd Place – 2c with 98.3%
3rd Place – Ra with 93.3%

The Punctuality Awards went to;
FS – Rc
KS1 – 1a, 1c
KS2 – 6b

It looks like some of our classes really struggled with punctuality last week. Remember, those first few minutes in class are vital. Your child will settle in calmly and hear from the teacher the subjects for the day.

Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

How to Instill the Love of Reading

How to Instill the Love of Reading – In Your Child, or Yourself

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

The short answer: read amazing, fun, exciting, lovely books that you just can’t put down!

Start by reading to your child. You can start from the moment he’s born (or earlier), but whenever you start is good. Read fun books, exciting books, adventurous books.

Make reading fun. Make it a time of bonding between the two of you. Make it something your child looks forward to doing each day. Do not make reading a forced thing — encourage it, make it fun, don’t force them to read if they don’t want to.

Make it a routine — do it at the same time(s) of day, in the same place, such as at night in bed or in the morning in a favorite chair or couch — because children find comfort in routines.

Also make it a habit to go to the library regularly — and read with your child there. Help your child find books that interest her. Visit used book stores (and new bookstores too).

Provide a variety of reading materials for your child, about topics she’s interested in. Lots of books, lots of magazines, websites, etc.

And be a model — read yourself. Do it every day, and let your child see how much you love reading. He’ll pick up on it.