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Last Week’s ‘Best Attendance Winners’…

Best Weekly Attendance LAST week, 22nd November, went to:
1st Place – Class 6a with 99.4%
2nd Place – Class Rb with 92.3%
3rd Place – Class 1a with 92.2%

And the Punctuality Awards went to:
FS – Class Rb and Rc
KS1 – Class 2b
KS2 – Class 6a

Well done everyone, I know we have a lot of children who have been poorly recently, but you are all still trying your hardest to earn your class that End of Term Prize! Keep it up!

The Book Fair is coming!

It’s that time of year again, we will be hosting another fantastic Scholastic Book Fair!

The Fair will take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening next week, from 3.15pm-3.45pm, in the KS1 Hall.

Book prices start from as little as £2.99, and for each book you purchase you can earn books for the school library!

It would be lovely to see you there!

A Fluffy Friend

Hello all,

After spending most of the playtime and lunchtime chasing around our KS1 Playground, this little madam has made her way to the school office!

She peeped her little nose at the door and meowed for a while, before Miss Healey decided to give her shelter from the torrential rain for just a few minutes (or maybe more!). She was also taken around the classrooms for a very quick introduction to the children, who sat so nicely and quietly. Irfan in Class 1a took a particular shine to the cat, and was so gentle as he gave her a little stroke.

We’re not sure who she belongs to, but she has a collar on and seems very affectionate.

Don’t forget that if you see any little critters in our playground, try not to chase them or startle them.

Kitty Cat on PhotoPeach

National School Meals Week

This week it is officially National School Meals Week.

As I’m sure you know, the Lowerplace Menu is already pretty amazing – the children and staff alike all rave about Miss Carroll’s fantastic food.

But this week we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate the National Theme.

Learning Mentor, Mrs Kelly, organised our School Council to carry out a questionnaire of children in the playgrounds. Each child was asked to vote for their favourite menu items for the Main Course and Sweet Course.

And from these votes we compiled the results into a menu which will be served tomorrow – all entirely hand-picked by the children!

Well done to Mrs Kelly and the School Council for doing the legwork, and we look forward to lunch time tomorrow!

Click This —> National School Meals Week to see the menu.

Parents’ Forum

The Parents’ Forum

We will be holding another of our popular Parents’ Forums on Thursday 15th November at 5.45pm-6.45pm in the KS2 Building.
This is an opportunity for parents to come to school and meet other parents, and have a chat with Mrs Earl about anything and everything that is school.

We hope to see you there next week!

School Newsletter

As well as the Year Group Newsletters which you can see on each Class Blog, you can also see our Whole School Newsletter below 🙂

Happy Reading!

Miss Healey

Autumn Whole School Newsletter

This Week’s Attendance Awards…

This week’s Attendace Awards go to:

1st Place – Class 1b with 98.6%
2nd Place – Class 2b with 98.3%
Joint 3rd Place – Class Rb and 5b with 97.6%

It was a very close race this week – keep it up everyone!

Punctuality Awards go to:

Foundation Stage – Class Rc
Key Stage 1 – Class 2b
Key Stage 2 – Class 5a

It seems like the puncutality has slipped a little bit this week. We know it is cold and wet and dark in the mornings at the moment, and it can feel a real drag to get out of bed, but school starts at 8:50am and it’s important that you are here on time. That way you start the day in a calm manner, and you know what is happening in your class.

Thank you! Miss Healey


Don’t forget to pop over to our Class Blogs to read the Autumn Newsletters and catch up on what your child is getting up to!

Miss Healey