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A Rescue Story at Lowerplace…

On Friday, Mrs Hughes rescued a little Woodpigeon from the KS1 playground. He had been spotted by the children who were playing out, perched on the windowsill looking very scared and helpless.

We brought him into school and popped him into a box. He didn’t seem to have any injuries, so we thought that after some rest he might feel better. We didn’t know what kind of bird he was at first, so we had to do some poking around on the internet. It turns out that those spiky white neck feathers and big grey eyes make him a baby Woodpigeon.

We kept a close eye on him in our office during the afternoon, and decided to call him William. Mr Hanes tried to make him eat a worm, but he was having none of it! At one point William was walking around his box, so Mrs Hughes and I decided to take the lid off for a proper look at him – this turned out not to be the best idea, as he instantly flew at us causing us to shriek and scream! Mrs Hughes managed to capture him again, but not before he flew straight into the office door, silly bird.

Later that day we managed to spot the nest where he had fallen from, so Mr Hanes made a very daring re-homing effort. William will now have been reunited with his Woodpigeon family.

Just another exciting day at Lowerplace! Miss H.

William the Woodpigeon on PhotoPeach

And this week’s “Best Attendance Winners” are….

Ok, so is anyone else getting deja vu? Another fantastic result for these three classes, two weeks in a row!

The Punctuality Awards this week go to Rb (4 weeks in a row), 2b (2 weeks in a row) and in KS2 it goes to 3b, 4b and 6b. KS2 – I have to say I am really impressed at how you are pulling together and improving your punctuality!

Well done everybody! Miss H.

Sport Relief – Friday 23rd March

It looks like Friday is going to be a really fun day! Letters are being sent home this evening inviting all children and staff to take part in fundraising for Sport Relief by wearing sporty clothes and doing something crazy with their hair! If you bring just £1 to donate to Sport Relief it will really help to make a difference.

If you are unsure what Sport Relief is all about, have a look here.

I really can’t wait to see what you all come up with for your hairstyles,…..I think the office ladies might all have to raid Boot’s tonight to stock up on hairspray and hairclips!

Miss H

And last weeks “Best Attendance” Winners were…

Posting this a little later than usual, but it’s still a fantastic result for last week’s attendance winners. Miss Buckley tells me Class Rc are working especially hard to improve their attendance, and you can really tell!

The Punctuality Award this week goes to Classes Rb (again!), 2b and in KS2 the joint winners are 3b and 4a. All the winners of the Punctuality Award have had NO lates in their class for the entire week. Every class can acheive this, you just need to encourage each other.

Keep up the hard work everybody!
Miss H

Chicks – an update from the coop…

Some of you might know that recently we had a clutch of chicken eggs in our Serenity Room in the Key Stage 1 Building. Over the space of a week, we watched them being lovingly looked after by Mrs Hughes. As they hatched there was great excitement in Key Stage 1, and even some of the Key Stage 2 Classes came down to have a peek! No one can resist a fluffy little chick! There is a lovely display in KS1 of the chicks hatching.

We were lucky to hatch 6 hens and 6 cockrels. 8 of them have gone to live with Mrs Kabir and her son Aasim. Look at their funky new home – aren’t they lucky?!

Aasim has given all of the chicks names – the girls, or “hens” are Anoushka, Tilly, Lily, and Toushka. The boys, or “cockrels” are Yoda, Bruno, Miles and Qutus.

Click on the picture below to have a look through the pictures.

Chick Update

And this week’s “Best Attendance” Winners are…..

What can I say? Everyone has done brilliantly again, but huge congratulations to Class 4b in particular who I know have worked so hard for this. Keep it up! More of this and you could work towards being the overall term winners at Easter.

The Punctuality Award this week goes to Classes Rb, 1b and 5b. For the moment we will continue to announce the winners in the Friday assembly, but soon you will see a very special display in each Key Stage Hall that will track which class is winning the race towards having the best punctuality.

Miss H

MedEquip – How we’re going to help…

Well, everybody enjoyed the assembly yesterday, given to us by Debbie Barker from MedEquip4Kids.

Letters went home to parents last night explaining that all of our children will take part in a 20 minute Walk4Kids around our school grounds on Thursday 15th. Children have been given a small envelope to take home to collect small donations from family and friends.

There will also be a very special guest joining in the Walk4Kids next week – check back here after the event for photo’s and a Grand Total for how much we raise!

Miss H

MedEquip4Kids Assembly

This morning the MedEquip4Kids team are in school giving an assembly. They are an organisation who raise money to provide equipment for hospitals, which normally the hospitals wouldn’t be able to afford.

Did you know that MedEquip4Kids have raised the money to fund 8 separate projects at Rochdale Infirmary?

It is such a great cause and I’m excited to see how Lowerplace School is going to support them in their fundraising efforts!

Miss H

The beginning…

Hello friends!

Miss Healey, Mrs Richards and Mrs Mulkeen would like to welcome you to our School Office Blog. It’s brilliant to be online and we’re hoping to have lots of news and info to share on here, everything from important announcements to day to day stuff. Keep checking back to see what’s going on!

I know some of the class teachers have already started on their blogs, so it looks like is going to be an exiting site to watch over the next few months as we all get used to blogging.

Bye for now, Miss H